Extreme PBR Combo Edition Plugin for Blender 2.8+

Extreme PBR Combo Edition Plugin for Blender 2.8+ v3.2.2

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Download Extreme PBR Combo Edition v3.2.2 plugin for blender
Blender Support 2.79, 2.8.1, 2.8.2

Extreme PBR Combo is a professional blender plugin that contains more than 800 high quality ready-made materials in pbr format, always making pbr materials is time consuming and requires a lot of experience, as well as finding and searching for textures that it need much time you waste, to solve this problem is simple plugin to manage more than 800 materials have created a good starting point to save time and enhance output quality, with soft instrument tuned .

Features of this plugin:

  • Has the ability to save custom preview material
  • Create new categories
  • Possibility of making PBR materials
  • Ability to make visual materials
  • Adjust reflection intensity, roughness, metal drawings
  • Adjust colors, contrast, brightness
  • Quick material selection
  • And..