Gtools Ivy Generator plugin for 3D Max 2018 to 2021

Gtools Ivy Generator plugin for 3D Max 2018 to 2021 v0.75

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Gtools Ivy Generator is a plug for the manufacture of ivy software Terry D. Max , this plugin is based on great app by Thomas Luft Ivy Generator has been created, this plug all the hard work and true to the growing ivy and mesh generation It does different things, the maxscript part is just the user interface, materials and corona scattering, we have downloaded the latest version of this plugin in Soft Builder for you.

Features of this plugin:

  • Multithreading ivy growth
  • Create Multiple Ivy in the same session
  • Includes new leaf algorithm
  • Custom leaf support
  • Support for 3D Max 2021
  • And….

Plugin / Maxscript to generate ivy's for 3Ds Max
This plugin is based on the excellent program created by Thomas Luft Ivy Generator.
Most of the addons for max are either a plugin or a maxscript, The reason i decided to use a mixture of both was first simplicity and second I hate when i open an old project that used a plugin that is no longer available, So this plugin / script combo does not leave any trace it just creates simple geometry.
The plugin does all the hard work that is the actual ivy growing and generation of the meshes, The maxscript part is just the user interface, The Materials and the Corona scatter creation.
Max 2021 Support
Multithreading Ivy Growing
Create Multiple Ivy's in the same session
New Leaves Algorithm
Custom Leaves Mesh Support
Several Bug fixes and gui tweaks.
First release
Last update
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