Lumion Pro Win x64 v8.5 to v10.3.2

Lumion Pro Win x64 v8.5 to v10.3.2 10.3.2

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Get new version of Lumion Pro v9.5 for Windows x64
Lumion virtual three-dimensional tool for architects Tjsmsazy. This software is the easiest, fastest and safest solution is an illustration for AEC professionals. Lumion is an essential tool for anyone who wants to Saz·hhaysh for visual design. Lumion ability to produce high-quality videos very fast development. Customers in more than 90 countries use the Lumion. These included architects, designers, engineers, Modeling, BIM and students.

Lumion now known as the leading software in their own field, because Lumion able to process three-dimensional virtual visualization is redefined. It is also an essential component of BIM tools for AEC professionals are many.

Lumion you improve over time, even after you have entered your models and creating three-dimensional scenes, you can still your models easily and quickly with a few simple mouse clicks you Pdbt.

Many similar programs with a great deal of work environments that users can understand them well. The unique technology used in Lumion This can be made possible through the sharing Mantytvr work environment without losing focus widened. Without reducing the quality of your work environment, you will be able to expand and indeed hundreds of operations together to do the work. With this feature you can even visualize the entire city

Top new features in Lumion
-Sky Light 2 and Real Skies (Pro)
-Customizable 3D Grasses (Pro)
-Atmospheric Rain and Snow (Pro)
-Furry materials (Pro)
-New materials
-New objects
-LiveSync for Rhino and Vectorworks
-Updated OpenStreetMap
-Lean scene-building workflow
-Save groups
-Intuitive object placement
-Instant object focus
-Import edges
-Automatic file recovery

Download size: 19 GB

This installation guide is as follows:

Lumion Pro 9.5 installation tutorial

  1. Older versions should not be installed when installing and running Internet software
  2. Install the software
  3. Edit the host file in the path c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc and add and save the following two code:
  6. Block software access to the firewall
  7. Copy the patch file to the new crack download folder and run and install the software at the location
  8. Password: Enter tpcrew-group and click on patch
  9. The software was activated without a problem;
Friends who have problems with live sync download the following link and install the software

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Note that if you wait for the Software Release License to appear when you close the software, it will wait at least 20 seconds to close automatically.
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