V-Ray Next for Maya 2014 to 2022

V-Ray Next for Maya 2014 to 2022 v5.20.00

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V-Ray 5, update 2
Official release

Date - Nov 11, 2021

Build 5.20.00

New Features

  • Added Cosmos asset browser
  • Cosmos Materials support

  • An easy way of projecting one material on top of another
Chaos Cloud

  • Option to submit all render layers and cameras to Chaos Cloud

  • Support for exporting V-Ray lights to USD
  • Support for V-Ray lights in USD
  • Support for exporting V-Ray Displacement to USD via the MayaUSD chaser API
  • Added support for MayaUSD 0.13

  • Viewport preview for USD files in a VRayScene node

  • Physically correct GGX/GTR anisotropy
  • VRayMtl thin-walled mode

  • Added a Sharpen/Blur post effect layer
  • Integrated rendering log in VFB2
  • Option to create an "effectsResult" channel when only Lens Effects layer is enabled (no Denoiser)
  • Batch image processing in VFB2 for vrimg files
  • Ability to add color corrections to the VFB Background layer
  • Added a functionality for adding VFB color corrections to all render channels

  • Added a Compensate Energy option for faster and more realistic rendering of white or bright hair and fur
V-Ray, Material importer

  • Add support for real world scaling when importing Cosmos materials
VRayLightDome, VrayLightIES, VRayMeshLight, VRayRectLight, VRayLightSphere

  • Atmospherics contribution option for lights

  • Ability to rename the layers in VRayLayeredTex

  • Added Streaks blur option to VRayDirt
  • Added Streaks density to VRayDirt
  • Added Ignore bump option to VRayDirt
  • Added Thin mesh mode to VRayDirt
VRayMtl/V-Ray GPU

  • Implemented the thin-walled mode of the VRayMtl on the GPU
  • Implemented the new volumetric translucency modes of the VRayMtl on the GPU

Modified Features

  • Notarized installation on MacOS
  • Discontinued zip builds on MacOS
  • Anima AXYZ animated textures are now working
  • Added an option to force infinity color to black for ZDepth
  • Updated Embree to 3.13.0
  • Removed the GPU Light Cache option, it will now be always ON
  • Made the proxy filter update on keystroke
  • A prompt for EULA for interactive rendering after a zip or automated install
  • Removed the Clamp Output option
  • Removed the Sinc AA filter
  • Removed the World Scale option for Light Cache
  • Help link for Post Translate Python Script available in toolclip on hover
  • Automatically add extension when adding tokens for Light Cache to match saved files
  • Report time spent tracing photons during rendering with progressive caustics
Chaos Cloud

  • Added support for VFB2 OCIO color corrections when exporting to Chaos Cloud
  • Calling Cloud and Archive Scene windows when already open now brings them on top

  • Curvature texture support for isolating Convex or Concave values
  • Ignore bump options

  • Apply color corrections to the RGB channel when saving
  • Extended vfbControl with commands for V-Ray VFB2 layers
  • Better control when deleting layer groups

  • Use small buckets when rendering with CUDA CPU Only
  • Calculate LC only on the GPU when V-Ray GPU is used
  • Added support for tiled textures with large amount of tiles on V-Ray GPU


  • Renamed the Improved Sky model to PRG Clear Sky
LPE, VRayScannedMtl

  • Support for the coat layer in VRayScanned materials
V-Ray, Chaos Cloud

  • Ability to export multiple renderable cameras to vrscene
VRayBlendMtl, VRayLayeredTex

  • Removed map button for non-texturable opacities in VRayLayeredTex and VRayBlendMtl

  • Hid the Invert normal parameter for VRayDirt

  • Added number of voxels to VRayProxy info tab
  • Fixed wrong viewport preview with alembic instancing
  • Visibility rules working in preview mode

  • Set the flip axis option to Auto for VRayScene nodes

  • Fixed lights from USD are all positioned at (0, 0, 0) in some USD files

  • Fixed animated Toon Edge Priority not working

Bug Fixes

  • V-Ray GPU fails to load and render tiles texture with Mudbox filename format with lowercase $u and $v
Material importer

  • Material importer crash with specific VRayBlendMtl

  • Maya remap nodes not correctly encoded in USD
  • Film gate not respected in Viewport IPR with VRay Physical camera
  • "matrixAttributeWidget" error when selecting the uvwgen node
  • Limit the warning for connected VRayNormalMap to only when bump type is non-default
  • Duplicated textures exported multiple plugins in the vrscene
  • Enabling Diffuse render element causes VRayScannedMtl's LPE label to be ignored
  • Render layer manager node in scene causes Render Settings Common tab to shrink
  • Progressive caustics use the world units radius instead of the pixels one
  • Incorrect progressive caustics contribution when using region render
  • Crease edges with dynamic subdivision can't be closed when displacement is used
  • There is no way to ignore installation errors if the material library download fails
  • SSS from VRayMtl cannot be filtered with LPE
  • Light cache contribution not always written in LPE light selects
  • Progressive caustics fallback to photon map
  • Clearing global light manager error when progressive caustics, resumable rendering and don't save image are enabled
  • Maya hangs when using DR on a scene with caustics in progressive mode
  • Wrong render result with caustics lighting on objects with bump map
  • Compositing Light select elements with glossy and refraction introduces noise
  • Maya fluids rendered wrong in IPR

  • Rendering VRayMultiSubTex in USD file, always renders the first applied texture
  • UDIM texture paths from USD are not resolved correctly
  • USD ALab scene does not render correctly

  • Importing proxy with the same node name messes up the object hierarchy
  • Material overrides don't work correctly for instanced objects in the viewport
  • Proxy overrides remain the same for the root when loading different files
  • Visibility Overrides don't work when proxy is opened again in new scene
  • Importing alembic instanced geometry not loading all Shader sets

  • Incorrect fog contribution behind rect lights
  • Incorrect fog contribution in light selects
  • Missing caustics with textured envfog

  • Wrong normal map when using VRayUVWRandomizer's Stochastic tiling

  • Changing the VFB display correction disables A/B compare
  • The VFB2 test resolution button isn't reflecting the current resolution if its enabled when re-opening a scene
  • VFB2 color picker is hard to open on Linux

  • Fixed Regression in toon with glossy refractions
  • Toon Edges Override not working on NURBS surfaces

  • Coat bump without a texture atttached cannot be locked to base bump

  • VRay Mesh Lights included in a fog set (light mode as override shape lights) forces fog to affect all lights

  • Reflection values missing when denoising the reflection render element

  • Normal flipped with triplanar on some faces

  • Some materials don't respect their LPE labels
  • Differences in the coat layer between V-Ray GPU and V-Ray CPU
  • Wrong results with mcoat in inverted expression (GPU)
  • Coat missing in coat REs for car paint material 1
VRayMeshLight, VRayRectLight

  • Incorrect volume contribution from mesh lights when using volume sampling MIS

  • Fatal error when rendering a USD file with VRaySoftbox texture

  • Sun photon emission radius preview not updating in Maya viewport
Viewport IPR

  • V-Ray Sun renders wrong with Viewport IPR