Arredamenti – Royal 3D Models Collection

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Mar 11, 2020
Arredamenti – Royal 3D Models Collection.jpg

Arredamenti – Royal 3D Models Collection 1.jpg

AR ARREDAMENTI Royal – 3D Models – a collection of professional three-dimensional models of Italian classical furniture.

Luxurious collection of classical furniture Royal, from the producer in Italy, factory AR ARREDAMENTI. The collection contains elegant living rooms, which include dining group (table and chairs), sofas and chairs, cabinets, sideboards, coffee tables, furniture for the television area, etc. Bedrooms with a complete set:. Ottomans and dressing table, bedside tables and chairs, cupboards , chests of drawers, and, of course, a truly royal bed, decorated with carving and stitching Capito. It is provided in a series of rooms and, where there is all the furniture of full-time – a work desks and comfortable chairs that will highlight the status and good taste of the owner’s office. Also in the collection of decorative elements of the space provided: a frame and a mirror, which will be necessary to complete and accent the interior. The main color decoration of all pieces of furniture Royal collection is an array of ash under the glossy clear lacquer varnish, also covered with gold leaf. The decor of the generously used carving handicrafts, inlay and other equipment.

All 3d models are available in 3ds Max format, materials are set for the visualizer VRAY. There is a full set of textures and renders to each subject.

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