Blender Market - Human Generator

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Mar 11, 2020
Human Generator is a blender plugin that helps you easily create realistic humans with high detail and the ability to customize hairstyles, clothes, poses and more, any character you create can be created with Modify the use of tools and give you complete artistic freedom, the latest version of this plugin is ready for you to download.

Blender Market - Human Generator

Human Generator brings photorealistic humans to Blender in a way that's easier to use than ever before. It also includes hairstyles, clothing, expressions and a lot more.

The excellent variety of presets and realtime sliders means that creating humans is now an enjoyable experience reminiscent of video game character creators. Also, it's all in Blender, meaning any character you create can be further modified using familiar tools, giving you full artistic freedom. A must have!

A great add-on for Blender to create realistic humans, I needed a tool like this for ages. The variation of options to 'model' the face / body in a matter of minutes is great. Thank you Human Generator team for creating this wonderful add-on at a reasonable price.

Download file size: 1.1 GB

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