DigitalxModels – Corner Shops 02 - VOLUME 37

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Mar 11, 2020

Alright! More games!! Let’s play “Which shop is most likely to get robbed?!”
OK, let’s eliminate the obvious ones. The bartender at the Crown and Dolphin Pub keeps a loaded shotgun under the counter. Likewise, so does the cashier at the BP convenience store. The 1-story brick building with all the windows is run by a motorcycle gang, so I don’t think anyone’s going to run off with their cash. And the Circle K with the Dunkin Donuts is safe since there’s always a cop at the doughnut shop. The rest are not as obvious. The other Circle K, the 7-Eleven, and the Market Express all have security cameras, so if *I* were a thief (which I’m not!), I’d choose another place first. That leaves the Subway, the Food Mart, and the A&A Market. Subways have always been popular spots for hold-ups, but you know they don’t keep much money on hand. My bets are on the A&A Market! Mom and Pop probably keep their safe full of cash under the counter. Plus you can walk out with the $$ in one hand and a pastrami sandwich in the other!

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