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Mar 11, 2020
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Fantasy game sound effects package : In this post, the sound effects library includes more than 517 different types of fantasy game sound effects inspired by popular games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo. We have prepared it for you to download. Today's game makers, audio remixers, sound engineers, DJs and even modern game-driven podcasts are empowered with an incredibly exciting set of sounds designed from stunning 192k source recordings

Sounds that will help you set the scene in crystal clear 96k 24bit audio include; humble activities such as foraging, wooden levers, crafting, potions and rocks to lofty tones set the stage for elemental magic, missiles, molten lava and ice, spells, crossbows, knives and swords and fairy dust. Every asset is RTUOTB and the entire collection is sure to become a key to producing your next AAA production. You might even find an orc or two inconspicuously lurking in the mix so caution is advised. Fantasy Game is a designed adventure game sound library that's perfect for fantasy productions and is spot on for game developers and audio producers in every genre.
Includes: elemental magic, arcade missiles, dark conjures, fairy dust, felflame, ice, molten lava spells and fire casts, earth, lightning, shadow casts and spells, crafting, drop reagents, poison, forge, harvests, organic gathers, and pick ups, liquid touches, potions, ui, buttons, clicks, transitions, collect stone, rock items, hits, crafting, cloth, wood, armor, metal, and weapons, bows, crossbows, knives, swords, creature growls, grunts backpack, page turns, chests, wooden levers, pots inventory taps, tabs, buttons, themed confirms and selects footsteps on dirt, grass, stone, and water and more.
The Fantasy Game sound effects library is one of the recent installments in Epic Stock Media's popular series of game genre sound libraries: Ancient Game, Retro Game, Mobile Game,, Builder Game, Vibrant Game, Fantasy World (loops), and Puzzle Game, Quest Game. All designed to make your audio life easier and faster with market leading quality and creativity, at an unquestionable value.
Product Details:
517 files
96k / 24 Bit .wav files
734.6MB of samples
Designed Adventure Game Sound Library
Perfect for Fantasy Productions
The Go to Sound Pack for Game Developers
Elemental Magic, Arcade Missiles
Dark Conjures, Fairy Dust,
Felflame, Ice, Molten Lava Spells and Fire Casts,
Earth, Lightning, Shadow Casts and Spells,
Crafting, Drop Reagents, Poison,
Forge, Harvests, Organic Gathers, and Pick-Ups,
Liquid Touches, Potions, UI,
Buttons, Clicks, Transitions,
Collect Stone, Rock Items, Hits,
Crafting, Cloth, Wood, Armor, Metal, and Weapons,
Bows, Crossbows, Knives, Swords,
Creature Growls, Grunts
Backpack, Page Turns, Chests,
Wooden Levers, Pots
Inventory Taps, Tabs, Buttons,
Themed Confirms and Selects
Footsteps on Dirt, Grass, Stone, and Water

Download with direct link and high speed: 571 MB

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