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Mar 11, 2020
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Photoshop Compositing Techniques: Learning how to combine or composite multiple photos together will open a new world of possibilities for any photographer. Whether you are new to compositing or an experienced editor, this tutorial will change the way you create composite images. Follow along with the included RAW Photos; and Custom Photoshop Brushes. If you are new to compositing, this is the perfect place to begin. Learn to combine multiple photos from the same shoot to create stunning effects. Flex those creative muscles, it’s time to learn element compositing. Combine photos taken around the globe to bring your concepts to life. Photoshop Compositing can be complex, that is why we start this tutorial by breaking down all the essential techniques you need to create a great composite photo. Learn the essentials, then master compositing. Go behind the scenes into each photoshoot and learn the details of how these images are captured, then follow the images through the editing process from Lightroom into Photoshop.

Photoshop Compositing Essential Techniques (Part 1):
01 – Introduction
02 – How to Match Light
03 – How to Match Perspective
04 – How to Mask Your Subject
05 – How to Use Clipping Masks
06 – How to Use Blending Modes
07 – How to Match Luminosity
08 – How to Match Color
09 – How to Use “Check Layers”

Photoshop Compositing Essential Techniques (Part 2) :
01 – Intro to Frame Compositing
02 – Importing & Culling in Lightroom
03 – Frame Compositing in Photoshop pt.1
04 – Frame Compositing in Photoshop pt.2
05 – How to Create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop
06 – Intro to Element Compositing
07 – Importing & Organization in Lightroom
08 – Element Compositing in Photoshop pt.1
09 – Element Compositing in Photoshop pt.2
10 – Element Compositing in Photoshop pt.3
11 – Element Compositing in Photoshop pt.4
12 – Exporting in Photoshop & Lightroom
13 – Conclusion

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