Unreal Engine - Roads Generator Pack 4.25

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Mar 11, 2020

Roads Generator Pack project for unreal engine
: This project is a spline-based road construction tool without deformation that allows you to create different road styles through maps and a set of static meshes and paste them together. We have introduced the Unreal Engine site for software maker users, this project includes intersections, highways, margins, overpasses, ramps, intersections, highways.

Features of this project:

  • Connect roads to the nearest road or intersection with one click
  • Choose from single to three lanes from a range of road styles using a drop-down menu
  • Turn any road into an overpass or bridge with your feet
  • Select the number of legs to use with the bridge or overpass, adjust the leg spacing and height
  • All static meshes are optimized for performance,
  • Road meshes produced by Spline
  • Add custom meshes to separate sections and position them
  • Customize individual parts of the spline
  • And..

Download file size: 1.76 GB

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