VRscans Library for 3DS Max & Maya

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Mar 11, 2020

we have 550 large scanned material for 3D simulation in Maya and Max software for direct download. This collection includes various categories including car material, textiles, leather, wood, plastics, metals and … produced by the official website of Chaosgroup. VRscans materials are made using thousands of photos, which is usually the case when others usually use 100 photos. VRscans are often not recognizable from the original sample.

Features of this collection:

  • Futureal cases: Provides a new level of quality and accuracy for rendered materials.
  • Creative freedom: Focus on design without confusion in technical settings
  • Flock Focker Faster: Save time, use at any time. Do not create materials from scratch
  • Full Wrist: Creates virtual prototypes that are fully matched to your final design
  • Ready for rendering: Using VRi Power – the industry’s leading rendering technology
  • VR Scan Library: Select from a library with hundreds of metrics spatially scanned physically
  • Exceptional Real Photography: VR Scan is produced by capturing thousands of images, while other products only capture 100 images. VR scans are often not detected from the main samples
  • Physical accuracy: VR scans from physical data, captures a two-way material texture function (BTF). Extremely advanced than a single BTDF point, VR scans a real-world appearance of a material that responds to unique light.
  • Easy to use: VR scan materials are easily drag and drop
  • Integrated Thieleble: VR Scan materials are repeated without any inconsistencies
  • Adjustable: Easily adjust the appearance of materials with the scan plugin
  • Billet For You: Rendered with Ray 3.4 or higher, the industry’s leading renderer for manufacturing, design and architectural visualization
  • Physical Materials: A wide range of physical materials including plastics, leather, stone, metal, wood, textiles and so on.
  • Car painting: A color painting simulation with a very detailed detail, complete with orange skin and a bright coat.
  • Holographic and reflective materials: rendering reflecting materials and holographic materials with high complexity.
  • Transparent Materials: The first physical technology is capable of rendering and scanning transparent materials.
Dear users, this package is only available on Vray 3.6.

files size : 94.9 GB

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